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Concerned about protecting your high income and covering your liabilities? We can help you protect your wealth in time of need either through your passing or inability to work

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Insurance Strategy & Implementation

Insurance plays a critical role within any financial plan completed by your financial planner or wealth manager.

Building wealth and a secure financial future is much more than investing in shares and property.  In fact, protecting wealth through insurance is one of the first things Private Capital Management will review for clients to ensure that the goals and strategies we develop over the long-term aren’t derailed by a serious life event. 

The strategic use of insurance protects your good health and life – which we believe is your most important financial asset.  We source leading insurance policies for clients using highly regarded insurance providers. 

We approach insurance from a strategic and goals-based perspective, which typically has greater coverage than you will find with group insurance in superannuation or insurance obtained direct via the phone or internet.  

As part of the education and support to clients, during our meetings we will define these very important differences with clients and highlight the many advantages of obtaining insurance through a financial planner.

There are a number of ways Private Capital Management can help you implement insurance:

  • Through analysis and strategy, determine the appropriateness of insurance;
  • Structure policies depending on individual needs and circumstances, both inside and outside of superannuation; and
  • Partner with you through the underwriting process, where we often rely on our established relationships with leading insurance providers to get better outcomes for clients.

What is insurance?

In essence, insurance policies are a contract between an insurance company (such as TAL or AIA) and the policy owner (you, the client).  Insurance is a financial product that pays the policy holder a sum of money when an insured event happens. These events include death, disability, accident and illness.

There are indeed many different styles and ways to structure insurance, and we believe this strategic approach to insurance implementation provides many benefits to our clients.  

Clients therefore have our experience and expertise to guide them through this complex process.  Furthermore, at the time of claim, we support clients through the claims process from start-to-finish.


Private Capital Management provides a wide range of strategies and implementation of insurance, including:

  • Life Insurance;
  • Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Insurance;
  • Income Protection Insurance;
  • Trauma (Crisis) Insurance;
  • Business Insurance;
  • Business Liability Insurance;
  • Business Buy-Sell Insurance; and
  • Business Key Person Insurance

We partner with our clients to understand the level of cover required, and how the strategic use of insurance can protect individual, family or business losses. 

Through experience and partnering with leading insurance providers who are highly-regarded, we support our clients and guide them to minimise premiums (including after-tax) whilst ensuring the quality of cover is appropriate and meets your needs.

If finances are limited, we are able to use our experience to ensure insurance does not impact daily living expenses making this very important financial strategy affordable. 

The links above provide further information on insurance cover available and how we may help you.

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